Life insurance online

Mutumutu: a healthy life insurance

A startup for those who take good care of themselves. In cooperation with Komerční pojišťovna.

Life insurance online

Enter your e-mail, and phone, and we will keep you informed.

Mutumutuinsures your life, disability and inability to work.

With no ominous asterisks and footnotes

A simple two-page contract

With no notice period or sanctions

30% refund for a healthy lifestyle

Also covers backpain and mental illness

So simple that you can handle it yourself.

Or with us on the phone

Mutumutu is the insurance you can make yourself to the first good. Online and without an insurer. It's so simple to understand. It does not contain any hooks, conditions on hundreds of pages, absurd fees, or insurance premiums you do not need

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If you take care of yourself, Mutumutu will make sure you reap the full benefits.

If you take care of yourself, Mutumutu will make sure you reap the full benefits.

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A healthy lifestyle is desirable overall but the degree to which you keep your body and mind fit also determines how much of each installment you’ll get back.

We return the money directly to your account. No “bonuses” or tokens.

You’ll get 20% of each installment back for running, walking or bike-riding regularly every three months.

The other 10% depend on you not smoking and visiting your GP. We return them at the end of each year.

Our technology guarantees you a modern life insurance for the best price and a great motivation to stay in shape.


Mutumutuisn’t your regular insurer. We’re a fair and healthy life insurance, we’re


Mutumutu isjust a brilliant life insurance

We are a startup from the Creative Dock group but our back covers Komerční pojišťovna from the Société Générale Group

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